S2D2 Box Zone


Instead of the standard Cup, Short-Deep, Hammerstops, and Deep-Deep, you have 2 Short-Deeps and 2 Deep-Deeps. The main idea is to force the offense to make throws along the sideline by cutting off the middle of the field. the 2 Deep-Deeps prevent hucks, while the 2 Short Deeps try to D any throws to the middle of the field and cut off throws down the line.  


Cutting Awareness


Drill trains the - cutting coordination between mids. (when to clear and taking advantage of their marker's position) - handler's skill of putting and their decision making Can modify the defender's position to simulate a POACH or STRADDLE. Like for more plays!  


Eat Disc Breakside Clearing Drill


Please REFER TO Eat Disc page for objectives of this drill. Requirements: - Breakmark throw must be steady and easy to catch for the runner - Timing of throws and cuts (including the subsequent cut from a failed previous cut) must be perfect.  


Basic Vert Stack - 1


this is a basic vert stack with cuts from the back  


Nice curves


A basic throwing drill that doesn't involve movement. Good to train passes that go around a player. If you want to spice it up a little, you can add a player defending the player doing the curving pass.  


butterfly suicide


A drill, where players run, cut, catch the disc and run some more.  




Positions: #1: The Chase: Will always be setting the mark, forcing to the nearest sideline. #2-3-4: The Front Wall: Prevents up-line throws. Don't worry about dumps or swings unless they gain yards. If you're in the middle of the wall (#3) listen for the deep to tell you which side the offending players behind you are coming from. If you're the break side wing of the wall (#2) and the mark is broken on a swing that isn't gaining yards (Blue 2 to 1), don't run towards the disc and try to set a mark, however tempting it is. Get to the sideline and prevent the up-line throw to Blue #4/5. #5/6- The Mids: Prevent the floaty, over the top throws that get over the wall. You're also there for if the handler tries to put a really hard, low throw in the gaps between the wall. #7- The Deep: Don't get skied. Talk to everyone in front of you, especially the wall, to let them know where the open looks are.  


Dump Drill


good drill to practice dump passes and not allowing up-line throws  


1up - Mario


Vert stack set play  


Eat Disc Jack's Drill


Drill to train timing and continuation of breaking mark.  


Vert to Horizontal


This is a sequence for transitioning from a vertical stack into a horizontal offense, which can be particularly helpful when you're playing against a team with strong one-on-one coverage, that has started to slow your offense down. The whole idea here is to start from a Vertical setup, but then initiate and flow into a Horizontal O.  


Deep shot from middle of the stack


Begin in a vertical stack. Cutter, actually from anywhere in the stack, goes to break side, then deep. (Careful not to cause a pick!) Upon deep cut, back of the stack cuts in to force side. If the defense switches, use the wide open in cut from the back of the stack. Handler throws a lead pass to initial cutter.