The Playspedia Story

Playspedia is a sports strategy tool built for coaches & players with the vision of bringing play creation and strategy to the digital age. Around 2004, I was running an Ultimate Frisbee blog where sharing animated plays served as a key means of illustration the basics. From offensive formations, to defensive drills, the blog contained a collection of animated plays built in flash technology.

As the audience grew, users started to ask how they could create their own plays. So I shared source files for the flash plays but this proved to be too difficult. As well, Flash itself as a technology was losing support and mostly dead in the water so it became evident that this technology would not last long.

Fast forward to 2011, I decided to build a new site where users could create their own plays in the browser utilizing Javascript technology. This site was called "playspedia", a play on words derived from "wikipedia" as it was built with the purpose of being a reference for plays. The site exploded and the number of plays increased daily in the Ultimate Frisbee community. But over the next 4-5 years the site was starting to become dated and in need of a serious upgrade as web technologies grew dramatically.

Fast forward to 2018, Playspedia has been rebuilt to leverage modern web technologies, and with a renewed focus to bring team plays, coaching and an improved user experience to the entire play making flow. With this release came the first premium membership subscription service.

Andre Liem