Community Playbooks

Offensive Strategies 101
by: andreliem
8 plays
Basic offensive tactics for Ultimate players learning the basics.
Isolation Strategies
by: andreliem
5 plays
Some plays to practice isolation.
Fiasco Ultimate
by: afarina23
8 plays
Offensive plays for Fiasco
µ2 Plays
by: DJNick
0 plays
Initiation Playbook
MUMU Playbook
by: DJNick
4 plays
Initiation Playbook
by: Mathieu BOSSER
3 plays
MESA 2019
by: Mathieu BOSSER
0 plays
Titane 2019
by: NinjaWomensUltimate
16 plays
General ho, vert, and handler movement
by: Jose Riquelme
0 plays
by: Felix Meilleur
4 plays
few plays for wildwood
by: charlayna
5 plays
CUC Nats
Jugadas de definicion.
by: vizard0101
4 plays
jugadas de definicion o de endzone cuando el disco esta en el lado o en el centro.
P&S Rugby
by: psrugby
9 plays
by: KatrinasUC
0 plays
Clockwork Ultimate 2019-2020
by: Sean Gai
3 plays
Offensive and Defensive Sets for Princeton Clockwork
Rotation Zone
by: NathanRoss
0 plays
Each time the disc is swung between handlers, one member of the cup drops back to prevent the reverse swing, then moves back to be a mid-deep. The closest mid-deep comes to seal upline and joins the cup. The other mid-deeps move to fill in the gap.
Handler Resets
by: kemper.Ackermann
3 plays
These are the three main types of handler resets in the vertical stack offense.
Presión Frontal
by: Ciclo
1 plays
El objetivo es presionar en la primera línea ofensiva, determinada por la ubicación del disco, creando una superioridad numérica y forzando al equipo rival al error lanzando un disco dividido.
So Fly 8-|
by: Fly
6 plays
Diamond Zone
by: vshen-uva
0 plays
Junk zone (there is a section each defender is responsible for but once an offensive player enters the zone, you are man until you can pass off responsibility)
Plays indoor Quick
by: GuyonD
0 plays
U-offense, Isolation, zone defense
Playbook D3 open 2020
by: MacFly
5 plays
Playbook, équipe 1
Quimera Open
by: Muniim08
0 plays
Playbook Quimera open
My book of america
by: TokyoLovesYou
2 plays
Plays, strategies and knowledge from my coach
D West JV Plays
by: Connorbeck7
0 plays
All Plays Including Zone
Eastburbs HS Ultimate
by: merls
8 plays
Basic plays and sets for HS
Moms 2020
by: sumionoe
5 plays
Some new ideas from Japanese ultimate
Firebird Pull Plays
by: andrewrecord
2 plays
Offensive Pull Plays for Firebird Ultimate
PUFF indoor clam defense
by: Blazejas
0 plays
PUFF indoor clam defense
North Ultimate
by: njbatchelor
7 plays
Winter 4s Plays
by: cvazquez
5 plays
These are all of the plays we've practiced. Organization is key to winning.
Schemi La Bassa
by: Enrico Corticelli
8 plays
Old Money 2020
by: Bryce McAvoy
6 plays
Sideline strategies, basic offensive sets
Old Money 2020
by: andywest
12 plays
Flow for Old Money 2020
Soar High @Grizzly Open
by: iannho95
2 plays
Basic strategies