Community Playbooks

Offensive Strategies 101
by: andreliem
8 plays
Basic offensive tactics for Ultimate players learning the basics.
Isolation Strategies
by: andreliem
5 plays
Some plays to practice isolation.
Fiasco Ultimate
by: fiascoultimate
10 plays
Offensive plays for Fiasco
µ2 Plays
by: DJNick
0 plays
Initiation Playbook
MUMU Playbook
by: DJNick
4 plays
Initiation Playbook
by: Mathieu BOSSER
3 plays
MESA 2019
by: Mathieu BOSSER
0 plays
Titane 2019
by: NinjaWomensUltimate
16 plays
General ho, vert, and handler movement
by: Jose Riquelme
0 plays
by: Felix Meilleur
4 plays
few plays for wildwood
by: charlayna
5 plays
CUC Nats
Jugadas de definicion.
by: vizard0101
4 plays
jugadas de definicion o de endzone cuando el disco esta en el lado o en el centro.
P&S Rugby
by: psrugby
9 plays
by: KatrinasUC
0 plays
Clockwork Ultimate 2019-2020
by: Sean Gai
3 plays
Offensive and Defensive Sets for Princeton Clockwork
Rotation Zone
by: NathanRoss
0 plays
Each time the disc is swung between handlers, one member of the cup drops back to prevent the reverse swing, then moves back to be a mid-deep. The closest mid-deep comes to seal upline and joins the cup. The other mid-deeps move to fill in the gap.
Handler Resets
by: kemper.Ackermann
3 plays
These are the three main types of handler resets in the vertical stack offense.
by: Ciclo
0 plays
Malón Playbook de Malón Ultimate Team
So Fly 8-|
by: Fly
6 plays
Diamond Zone
by: vshen-uva
0 plays
Junk zone (there is a section each defender is responsible for but once an offensive player enters the zone, you are man until you can pass off responsibility)
Plays indoor Quick
by: GuyonD
0 plays
U-offense, Isolation, zone defense
Playbook D3 open 2020
by: MacFly
5 plays
Playbook, équipe 1
Quimera Open
by: Muniim08
0 plays
Playbook Quimera open
My book of america
by: TokyoLovesYou
2 plays
Plays, strategies and knowledge from my coach
D West JV Plays
by: Connorbeck7
0 plays
All Plays Including Zone
Moms 2020
by: sumionoe
5 plays
Some new ideas from Japanese ultimate
Firebird Pull Plays
by: andrewrecord
2 plays
Offensive Pull Plays for Firebird Ultimate
by: prairiesurge
3 plays
Including many of the offenses and defenses that we hope to play.
PUFF indoor clam defense
by: Blazejas
0 plays
PUFF indoor clam defense
North Ultimate
by: njbatchelor
7 plays
Winter 4s Plays
by: cvazquez
5 plays
These are all of the plays we've practiced. Organization is key to winning.
Schemi La Bassa
by: Enrico Corticelli
8 plays
Old Money 2020
by: Bryce McAvoy
6 plays
Sideline strategies, basic offensive sets
Old Money 2020
by: andywest
12 plays
Flow for Old Money 2020
Soar High @Grizzly Open
by: iannho95
2 plays
Basic strategies
The Bridge
by: Filip Dobranowski
17 plays
Dreadnought Offensive Plays
by: moorejl91
5 plays
Blah blah blah
Dreher Offense
by: Achilles Hahn
0 plays
by: zigzagultimate
0 plays
by: hannesfritz
5 plays
Spielzüge aus dem Training
by: walrus
1 plays
by: pwz
0 plays
give n go
Frères Scott
by: felixgonthier
7 plays
C'est ça
by: Hqrtozx Abcjilk
0 plays
by: Gregor
15 plays
40s drill
by: Samantha Choo
0 plays
Thrower aims to throw to space, cutter aims to attack the disc at full speed. 40 continuous completion on open side, 30 continuous completion on break side. Could resolve to a lower number if 40 is too high of a goal to achieve.
by: regisbonetat
1 plays
Basics d'Offense manchots
Ozone O
by: orobins9
5 plays
by: dontuseurname
0 plays
Ultimate frisbee
4 person cup
by: jmidds
0 plays
defensive strategies, especially if their handlers aren't strong
Vice Ultimate
by: Alex O'Neill
6 plays
Basic Offensive/Defensive Strategy and play calls.
Zone Defense
by: Yuhi
0 plays
by: mstein
4 plays
Octonauts Offensive Plays + Reset Options
Handler movement
by: Ola
2 plays
training drills for 26.06
by: EDMfrisbee
1 plays
Plays for EDM
by: f(x)
4 plays
Cocktails 2021
by: SenseiCAY
5 plays
Cocktails plays
by: merls
8 plays
Alibi Endzones
by: Jacob Grabois
3 plays
See title
upline or dump swing drill
by: Hu Sysy
0 plays
Handler Offense
by: DJNick
0 plays
dominator plays
wood 21-22
by: Nathanprkr
0 plays
wood playbook
speelboek nederland
by: Nickoumans
6 plays
speelboek nederland
zone defense
by: jbachs29
0 plays
zone defense 2 3 2
by: sarahallred
3 plays
Person Defense positioning
Solon ideas
by: Cale
5 plays
All In
by: cvargas
1 plays
One Shot Madrid
by: fenic
0 plays
Estrategia para Madrid 2021
Horizontal Stack Offense
by: grisel
4 plays
Ho stack 101. Please view in this order: cutting pattern, deep throws, continuation, handlers reset
Zone 3-1-1
by: gusquelconque
5 plays
Voyons les rôles des 5 positions de jeu (les mids gauche et droite reçoivent les mêmes explications). Les filles jouent les positions mid gauche et droite. Les gars jouent les autres positions.
The Black Storm
by: MStorm
4 plays
Plays for 4 on 4 Ultimate Frisbee
Alsters 2022
by: jan_riko
0 plays
Road to DM22
Split Stack
by: ckiesow
6 plays
2022 Split Stack
Spätmix - WMUCC
by: Kathy
1 plays
Alles für die WMUCC mit Spätmix
Herd Masters
by: seancolfer
9 plays
Plays that we'll use this season.
by: hakanpelit
0 plays
Vertical Stack Training
by: Ankara Frostbite Ultimate
5 plays
Drills to Practice Vertical Stack
D line Ho
by: kiddconners
0 plays
D line ho
by: yve
0 plays
by: syl
0 plays
stack 1
Gr.8 Ulti Playbook
by: nerrey14
4 plays
look back here for all offensive and defensive plays, drills etc.
Frosted Flicks
by: Eric Gorospe
3 plays
Playbook to understand the offense/Defense we will be running for this league - Stay Frosty
Cavs Ultimate 2022
by: ulticoach2022
3 plays
Offensive and defensive systems for the 2022 season.
Handball Playbook
by: orbiting_space
0 plays
Offensive/defensive strategies for handball.
Corta y Hand X2
by: AntonioAlcalde
0 plays
" cortes de cortadoes y 2 de Handlers
for meeting :)
by: a8taber
2 plays
Something Something Go Crazy
by: mmasse
0 plays
by: Magnus Oakes
5 plays
Our super secret strats
Wheat creator 2022
by: Pqkelly
13 plays
Set plays to make hay
Training MotM
by: Hưng- Đỗ
0 plays
This play book is for training team for MotM in VUC
John Doe
by: [email protected]
0 plays
John Doe club team
Grand Army - 2022
by: vp_
7 plays
All the plays for Grand Army for the 2022 season.
by: chuabhx
0 plays
Mystery Team
by: rachel_ng
3 plays
The Way
by: SomeNiall29
3 plays
The Way to play the Game.
by: ebeattie
4 plays
Ethan's play plays
CUG 7v7
by: Emil
9 plays
Pour les équipes 7c7 du Club Ultimate Gatineau
Golden Benefits 7c7
by: Emil
8 plays
Playbook pour le tournoi du Memphré