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the playmaker

Playspedia lets coaches, captains and players create visual plays with step by step annotated animations. With the play maker you'll be making plays and strategies in minutes!


Finding it difficult to keep your strategies in once place? Or are some players constantly forgetting their position or plays?

Create a playbook for all of your team plays and strategies. Whether it's getting your offensive line on the same page or sharing upcoming drills, Playbooks make it easy to add plays in one centralized playbook.

3 Simple Plans

/ month
  • Rookie plans let you try out Playspedia
  • # of Plays 2
  • # of Steps per Play 4
  • # of Playbooks 1
  • Contributing to the growh of Playspedia!
  • Support for Ultimate Frisbee
/ month
  • Coach members get everything in the Captain plan plus
  • Unlimited Plays
  • Unlimited Steps per Play
  • Unlimited Playbooks
  • Priority Support
  • 2 Teams with up to 30 members Coming
/ month
  • The Captain gives you access to a full range of features
  • 10 Private Plays
  • Unlimited Public Plays
  • Unlimited Steps per play
  • 10 Playbooks
  • Sharing with embed codes
  • Support for more sports Coming
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