The 4-1-2 "German" offense
The 4-1-2 German offense was popularized in the mid to late 90's in Germany. It doesn't see a lot of play nowadays, partly because it is not as dynamic as even a basic V or H stack.<br /> <br /> A very possession-based offense, the German is essentially an iso on a midfield cutter, where handlers throw to space and it is the isolated player's job to run the disc down. Ultimately it boils down to a moderate-risk, semi-floaty pass to the iso player, followed by a series of low risk continuation passes (or alteratively a reset to the handlers).<br /> <br /> Also known as "Lawn Chess", two teams playing German can be quite boring to watch as cuts are few, and turnovers are even fewer. Still, the German can be effective, particularly if there is a mismatch between two players.