Vert Stack - Endzone - Multiple Options
A fairly versatile play which if executed correctly and with proper, committed cuts, will often lead to a point. One of the primary benefits of this play is that it is very difficult to counter, and the opponent will often not even see the full play if the initial cuts are successful. As well, this play leaves an abundance of open space which the unused players can utilize if the opportunity arises. Another benefit is that you do not need an extremely experienced thrower to have the disc, merely one who has reliable throws, and who can throw a dump which is partially a break. One thing to note however, is that the handler making the cut(#2) should have strong cuts and be able to release the disc promptly after receiving it. In addition the cutter who is cutting should be reasonably fast, with good field awareness. The one issue with this play is that it requires very precise timing, and cuts, however this can be remedied through repetition and practicing the play.