About this site

  • Playspedia is the ultimate tool for coaches and players to strategize, learn and become better at winning. Started in 2011, I (Andre) created this tool for Ultimate as a way to illustrate plays on a blog that I was running.

    Fast forward to the present, I've rebuilt the site from the ground up to address lots of common issues members had. To make this site sustainable, I've incorporated a premium membership package that will give players more features.

    This site is at the infancy of where I want it to be. Right now the feature set represents the most basic features that existed in the old site. Moving forward, I have a roadmap that will give premium members much more tools to become better at managing their teams and strategies.

    How can you help?

    Become a premium member if you are not already! With a monthly contribution, I will be able to dedicate time to building Playspedia. I believe that if I can hit 120-200 paying members I will be able to make significant headway on feature builds by dedicating a solid amount of time to development. Also, these funds will help pay for overhead costs associated with running a site.

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    Thank you for your continued support! I hope that with your help we can keep this site running and upgraded to the next level.

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    Andre Liem
    Founder & Creator of Playspedia

The Roadmap

Here is a plan of what to expect for the new Playspedia. Depending on the amount of subscriptions I will follow the road map as close as possible.

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Sept 30th, 2018
  • Beta Site (this site)
  • Memberships Registration and Login that work
  • Play Maker Ability to create public plays (2 free)
  • Premium Membership No limit on plays and private option available.
Presently In Development!
  • Enhanced UI We're working on a better user interface. Stay tuned!
  • Team Communication Better team communication and play sharing
July 1st, 2019 (pending membership base)
  • Enhanced Playmaker Rebuilt playmaker with more options
  • Mobile Friendly Site works well in popular phones
  • Premium Features More premium features
    for paying members
    to manage plays and communications.
The Future!
  • Real Time Real time play sharing & creation
  • Stats Stats tracking and analysis